The Best Footage of Pleiadian Lightships Ever …

The Best Footage of Pleiadian Lightships Ever Captured (Compilation Part 3)

Incredible compilation of some of the best UFOs (pleiadian Lightships) ever caught on camera. Disclosure can happen for you.

September, 4, 2012

UFO sighting over Argyroupoli Attica, Greece

September, 4, 2012

Witness states: The black cylindrical object on the underside of it, which appeared on the 4th day of September 2012, on a low flight over Argyroupolis, was one of many recordings of unknown objects in the wider area of ​​Hymettus in those days. Reports on and around Mount Hymettus that year ran from early September to mid-December 2012 and were described as the most massive UFO sightings of the decade in Greece.

2019-11-15 at 20:22Witness states: “Three Visi…

UFO Sighting over Dresden Germany 

2019-11-15 at 20:22

Witness states: “Three Visible Fireballs parking 30 meters
above the shopping centre apparently dealing
with a invisible 4 ship which only appears a
few times for short time shot with a Nikon P1000
approx 5 Miles away”

UFO sighting over South Amherst Ohio

UFO sighting over South Amherst Ohio

MUFON Report: 104545

2019-11-16, South Amherst, OH, US

Witness states: “I recorded this over my house.”

UFO sighting over Simi Valley California

UFO sighting over Simi Valley California

MUFON Report: 104484

2019-11-09, Simi Valley, CA, US

NASA Shuts Down ISS Feed After Massive UFO App…

NASA Shuts Down ISS Feed After Massive UFO Appears:

NASA is up to it’s old tricks once again and yet again by shutting down it’s live feed of the ISS or the International Space Station just because a UFO appears next to it. OK, this is typical hideous behaviour by the so-called professionals at NASA and they think that it’s acceptable to shut down their live feed because an Alien entity just appears, well it’s not acceptable! We all know that your still recording it and it’s only the public feed that you’ve closed down plus you always have the back up recorder on all the time just in case “as you put it” anything happens to the recording equipment? Well, based on that info this means that you have the copy of this full event and the technical issues you are experiencing are your own doing! Why does all your technical issues instantly know it’s a technical issue? Why doesn’t the screen ever go fuzzy? Why doesn’t the screen go black or blue or red? How comes there’s no lines rising on the screen? I’ll tell you why, because that’s a pre recorded message which is instantly displayed as soon as YOU HIT THE SWITCH! 20 second delay my butt! NASA, you must release the recorded events over the last 11.5 years. You must release the UFO and Al

This huge UFO just starts to uncloak itself right next to the International Space Station and then NASA does what it does best, it shuts down the public feed version so nobody on UStream can see what they’re seeing. Why do that, we’re entitled to see Aliens coming to visit the International Space Station. It’s called “International” for a reason, because it’s everyone’s and not just NASA’s own property. This UFO video is amazing, the actual UFO is massive.

Edward Snowden searched the CIA’s networks for…

Edward Snowden searched the CIA’s networks for proof that aliens exist. Here’s what he found:

BULLSHIT. Gary Mckinnon (who performed the biggest military hack of all time) by hacking into 97 U.S. military and NASA computers, claims to have found evidence of UFO cover up and suppression of free energy. 

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