It’s been a while but I’m still on the go! 😊

My most recent read is one from one if my favorite authors, Preston Dennett. He brings us an astonishing 100 cases of schoolyard UFO encounters, even as many as 1-400 witnesses at a time, the majority witnessed by multiple people. Divided into two sections, sightings and sightings with landings and humanoid encounters, we are drawn into a world where children become the main witnesses. They take no precaution to hide. They want to be seen. But why? To acclimate each generation to their presence? Or as Preston speculates, to warn us of our environmental issues, (as witnessed by some children at Ariel School, Ruwa, Zimbabwe in 1994 who recieved messages from the beings about our impact on the environment). Whatever the reason, they are here and they are showing themselves to our children. When will we see for ourselves the truth of their existence?

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Hey You! Wow I’ve got to read this one. I watched a video about the Zimbabwe incident.

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