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the-livingnightmare: When most people think of…


When most people think of a parallel universe stories, they think of something from some kind of a science fiction movie. Many people all over the world actually have many encounters that cannot be explained and they do not come from Hollywood. In many cases people unknowingly have these experiences; but, they do not know how or in what way they travel to another reality or alternate universe.

Parallel universe stories have always been around, even before the modern era and there is no way that we can exactly pinpoint when or where the first story came from. Many people theorize that these experiences are similar to time travel but instead of traveling through time someone travels to another reality.

Black Ring Appeared Above A Busy Highway

Black Ring Appeared Above A Busy Highway:

Just when you think that you’ve definitely worked it out, it’s not that. (Is it a new phenomenon) I did think it was lightning – but then there’s been loads of these black smoke rings appearing all around the world in all weather so it’s not lightning. Right above this highway, a portal of some kind opened up. Check out the post and video, this is a new phenomenon.

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